Our Good Looking Team

How wonderful that you’ve reached this page. It means you’ve found the site interesting enough thus far to want to find out more about us. Thanks for your interest! (We do try to be interesting.)

So why are we here?

It’s a pretty simple story really. The site was founded by two film geeks who also happen to be best friends. We both enjoy writing film reviews and on the 10th February 2013 we spontaneously decided to start our own film blog. Welcome!

We’ve now got several other talented writers helping us update the site and keeping it churning so it’s always got something interesting and new on it for you guys.

We hope you find it informative, entertaining, and maybe even funny. We know we’re no different to any other film bloggers out there, but we are far more attractive than them and we have a better taste in films. (And Jamie does a great heavy metal version of ‘Call Me Maybe.’)

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Who are we?

You could just take our word that we’re all very beautiful, very interesting people. But in case you need further proof, here’s a bit about us.

Name: Kat Moir [FOUNDER]

Age: 20

Favourite Films: Meet Joe Black, American Beauty, Fight Club

Favourite Genre: Drama, but a bit of everything.

Description: Adventurous

Talent: Being stubborn

Website Strengths: Managing the site, writing long articles and the odd review.

Favourite Song: Come on Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Random Fact: Been to Alton Towers 26 times and counting.

Collects: DVDs, Soundtracks, Shoes, Perfume and Stephen King books.

Twitter: @kathrynmoir

Name: Jamie Huggett [FOUNDER]

Age: 27

Favourite Film: Terminator 2

Favourite Underwear: Animal from The Muppetts

Day Job: Medical Physicist

Description: Cheeky

Talent: Winding people up

Website Strengths: Reviewing new releases, specifically action movies.

Loves: Music

Twitter: @jamiehuggett

Name: James Tomlinson [AUTHOR]

Age: 36

Favourite Films: Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

Favourite Actors: Al Pacino/Jodie Foster

Loves: All things Batman and my growing film collection.

Website Strengths: Banging out loads of great reviews and keeping the website churning.

Blog: dvdblurayreviews.com

Twitter: @JT_dvdreviews

Name: Casey Douglass [AUTHOR]

Age: 31

Favourite Film: Ghost Dog

Favourite Actors: Christian Bale, Gillian Anderson, Bryan Cranston

Collects: Soundtracks

Loves: Dark stuff, be it horror or just twisted TV/Literature like Breaking Bad/Diceman

Blog: CaseyDouglass.blogspot.co.uk

Twitter: @casey_douglass

Name: Kris Walton [AUTHOR]

Age: 25

Favourite Films: Clerks, The Goonies, The Truman Show

Collects: DVDs, Film Mugs

Website Strengths: Writing information rich, entertaining, popular articles.

Loves: My family, DVD collection and Natalie Portman

Blog: inertiapictures.wordpress.com

Twitter: @inertiapictures

Name: Mike Shawcross [AUTHOR]

Age: 43

Favourite Film: Skyfall

Movie Failing: I really should watch more older movies!

Website Strengths: Reviewing new releases in an entertaining and amusing way.

Collects: Soundtracks

Loves: My family (Not the TV show!)

Blog: The Film Project 2013 – thefilmproject2013.blogspot.co.uk

Name: Joe Goff [AUTHOR]

Age: 15

Likes: Little White Lies magazine and the films of John Woo

Favourite Films: The Life Aquatic / Cinema Paradiso

Website Strengths: Bravely reviewing the more obscure movies no-one else wants to attempt.

Least Favourite Film: Crash (Paul Harris not David Cronenberg)

Twitter: @joegoff3

Name: Paul Brewer {AUTHOR]

Age: 37

Favourite Film: Depends, but maybe Amelie or Superman.

Random Fact: When I was 11 I got knocked off a horse by a branch. movie style!

Loves: Music, especially heavy.

Website Strengths: Using his fantastic writing skills to publish some great reviews.

Occupation: Recovering agrophobic.

Blog: paulusbrewer.blogspot.co.uk

Twitter: @paulusbrewer

Name: Martin Cross

Age: 36

Favourite Films: Inception, Star Wars IV, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings.

Film Dislike:  Unnecessary sequels

Website Strength: Reviews which pull no punches.

Favourite Scores: How to Train Your Dragon (Also, most John Williams)

Worst Line Heard In Film: “Do your thing, cuz.” (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Blog: The Film Project 2013 – thefilmproject2013.blogspot.co.uk

Name: Allan Wood [MOVIE OF THE DAY]

Name: Daniel O’Neill [MOVIE OF THE DAY]

For all enquiries, or to become a contributor, email genericmovieblog@gmail.com

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