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REVIEW: The Heist (2009)

The-Maiden-Heist-2009A comedy centered on three museum security guards who devise a plan to steal back the artworks to which they have become attached after they are transferred to another museum.

DirectedPeter Hewitt

Stars:  Christopher WalkenMorgan Freeman and William H. Macy

What we think:  There is a lot to be said for misinterpretation of a film, and when I saw The Heist or (The Maiden Heist as it is called) sat on the shelf showcasing the talents of Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H. Macy I naturally grabbed it straight away.

From first glance (see cover) and from reading the blurb on the back it looked like a slick action heist film with an all-star cast, what you actually get is the complete polar opposite.

Freeman, Walken and Macy play three aging security guards at a museum who are all each fascinated with a particular piece of individual art.

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REVIEW: Thirst (2009)

thirst (3)Directed by : Chan-wook Park

Written by : Seo-Gyeong Jeong , Chan-wook Park , Émile Zola

Starring : Kang-ho Song , Ok-bin Kim , Hae-suk Kim , Ha-kyun Shin

Whenever some kind of plague or disease is cutting a swath through mankind, one of the questions rarely answered by movies is “How would it effect a vampire?”

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