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REVIEW: Evil Aliens (2005)

Directed by: Jake West

Written by: Jake West 

Starring:  Emily BoothJamie HoneybourneSam Butler

In order to review this properly, let me first tell you a story. I’d just turned 13, and I considered myself a horror fanatic. I’d sat through films such as ‘Reeker,’ ‘The Dark‘ and other low-budget trashy horrors that seemed terrifying at the time. I knew what I was doing – nothing could scare me. So one night my best friend and I made a deal. We’d watch our first ’18’ rated movie, and the first one to get scared would not get any popcorn.

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REVIEW: The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant (2005)

Starring: Jack Davenport, Alex O’Loughlin, Sam Neill

Okay, so this isn’t actually a ‘movie’ as such. ‘Mary Bryant’ was actually a two part mini-series, aired on TV in 2005.

It tells the incredible story of young woman Mary, who steals a bonnet and some money from a rich woman in order to feed her starving family. Captured, she narrowly escapes the death sentence and is instead shipped off on the first fleet of convicts to New South Wales, where the British are building a colony.

Desperate and pregnant, she seeks the help of Lieutenant Ralph Clarke, tidying his cabin in return for decent clothes and a place to sleep. However, once discovering her pregnancy and becoming the target of malicious gossip from convicts and fellow soldiers alike, he dumps her back into the undercarriage of the ship.

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