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REVIEW: Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003)

Directed by: Robert Rodriguez

Written by: Robert Rodriguez

Starring: Antonio BanderasCarla GuginoAlexa Vega

I think we can all agree that Spy Kids is bloody awesome. Right from the first film staggering to its wobbly feet, there’s been something entertaining and charming about the series.

Like most series – especially the family orientated tacky ones like this – the first one was the most popular. Although the sequels aren’t loathed as much as the Jaws follow ups, or all the tacky classic Disney tag ons, by general opinion the following Spy Kids were a bit pointless. However, personally I think the second one was a lot more fun than the first.

It’s taken me many years to bring myself to watch the third one. The terrible reviews and displeasing trailer made me worried it would ruin the series for me. I always had a thing for the Island of Lost Dreams, and decided that I wouldn’t let this muck up my good opinions.

However, when I saw it pop up on LoveFilm Instant, how could I pass up the opportunity to finally see it?! So at the age of 20, I spent my afternoon watching Spy Kids 3D.

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