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At Generic, we LOVE raising awareness of films that you may miss. There’s some real hidden gems that are overlooked because the director and cast aren’t well known.

Talisman – Directed by Dan Allen

Here at Generic HQ, we absolutely love independent film production. There’s just something special about waking up early, bleary eyed, fresh and full of ideas, ready for a whole day of exhausting filming.

So because we like doing it so much, we also love supporting others doing it (and doing a better job!)

A few weeks ago, an email arrived in the Generic Movie Blog email, and I found a gem of a short film had been linked to us by none other than Dan Allen – a fantastic 19 year old director.

I’ve stumbled upon Dan before when he asked me to review a short film of his called Husky. Unfortunately I never had the time, so this post can act as a small apology as well as a way of helping Generic readers to see a wider range of independent films.

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