Become a Contributor

Fancy joining our fantastic team of talented writers?

Simply send us an email at!

Do I need experience?

Not really. Everyone’s got to start somewhere – the world of reviewing films is so vast and complex that it’s virtually impossible to get your foot in the door. At Generic we understand this, so we’ll gladly give anyone a chance to send us over some work, and we’ll most likely publish it. That said, you must have a keen interest in films and writing, and your grammar must be up to scratch (I don’t want to spend hours picking through and editing all your posts.)

How often do I need to write something and what should it be?

Once accepted onto the Generic team, we’d love it if you could write something at least once a month. We’re pretty relaxed here, but we don’t want to overcrowd the website with writers – especially if they’re not doing anything. We’re happy to take you on as long as you don’t disappear off the face of the earth!

In terms of what you should write, it’s whatever you want! We’re looking to build up a bank of film reviews, so as long as we don’t already have it, feel free to write it for us!

How do I publish it?

To start with, you can email them over to, and we’ll publish them for you with a full credit to you. After a while, we’ll add you to the blog so you can publish them yourself, and then all we have to do is give the post the nod before it goes live.

What now?

Still interested? Give us an email at and we’ll email you back with further details and instructions.

What are the benefits of writing for you?

Although currently we can’t pay you, it’s a great way to get your name out and get your foot in the door. We get a considerable amount of traffic to the site, and who knows who may see your writing?

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