CROWNED: The Descent (2006)

It’s not very often a movie earns a crown from us, but when it does, we mean it!

Crowning Data

Movie: The Descent

Year of Release: 2005

Genre: Horror

Stars: Shauna MacdonaldNatalie MendozaAlex Reid

Crowned For: Being the current ‘Scariest’ film of all time.

At Generic, we love showing recognition to some of the best movies ever made, so when we find one, we crown it!

The Descent (2005) has received the award after being voted the Top Scariest Film of all Time by our wonderful followers.

This was decided after weeks of suggestions, short-listing and voting.

The Descent is a terrifying, claustrophobic, unnerving film, telling the story of a group of strong-willed and athletic women who head out on a caving exhibition. It’s the one year anniversary of when one of their number – Sarah, lost her husband and daughter in a terrible accident.

To distract their depressed friend they descend into the caves but become trapped 3 kilometres down when a rockfall blocks their exit. Struggling for supplies, air, and impending claustrophobia, their situation becomes even more desperate when they encounter a group of hungry predators intent on making the group their next victims.

As with any good horror, the group end up fighting not only the obvious threat, but also each other. Miles underground in the pitch black, each of them faces their own demons and has to learn to fight the urge to look out only for one’s self.

The Descent earns its crown for making your blood run cold, your palms sweat and your heart pound. Very much scarier than it first appears, its relentless claustrophobia and danger will turn you into a shivering bag of nerves.

If you’re not claustrophobic (or just love caving – crazy fool) then there’s still plenty to terrify you in the tense chase scenes towards the end. The certainty of never seeing daylight again is enough – we are creatures who live off the sun after all, and darkness isn’t natural to us.

The fact the special effects team have actually managed to create some creatures that look genuinely frightening, especially in the dark, also enhances the feeling of unease for our poor group of characters.

The moral of the story is don’t go into uncharted caves, don’t go anywhere with a potential rockfall, or hell – just don’t go caving at all!

The Descent may be known as one of the most terrifying movies of our time, but it also manages to sneak in some great performances, a solid script and some half decent stuff going on in the sidelines.


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